Nurses working triaging from home

Nurse triage from nurses homes
I’m thinking how do we socially distance our office if we bring furloughed staff back but don’t have enough space for everyone.
Is there a HIPPA issue if we have our nurses do triage from home ?
Family members nearby? Printing information from emrs. Is this different from a provider taking call from home?

As long as your staff implements reasonable privacy safeguards – to prevent casual review of their computer and achieve some kind of telephonic privacy – you should be OK.

What are they printing at home?

Thanks Suzanne. They arent printing specifically but my nurse manager was that they could print PHI at home- its not as regulated



For the past few weeks we have had all of our nurses and call center staff working from home. They receive/make calls logged-onto our VOIP phone system; connect to our EHR remotely; and communicate with care giving office staff via Google Hangouts messaging. The biggest challenge was the technical one – making sure each individual is able to connect to our systems from home. But from there, the learning curve is short and folks were productive within a day.

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