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Just want to check with everyone how you are checking in patients. Are you all allowing one or 2 families to sit in the waiting room with social distancing for their appointments ?
Our providers want to start doing this but we are getting some resistance from medical assistants and front desk people even though they are all vaccinated.
It came to my attention today that some parents complained that when they want to come to the office in person for fever or some URI appointments they are told by the staff to schedule a Telehealth and not to come to the office.

Any advice on getting in patients through the door and also how everyone is tackling the issue with staff hesitancy.

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P. Srivastava.

Piyali Srivastava, MS. MBA. CPCO.
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Hi there,
At this time, we are still checking patients in over the phone. We are fortunate to be able to see our sick patients in a separate part of the office with its own entrance. One MD and one MA/Nurse don full PPE for the afternoon to do this. We do a fair amount of telehealth for patients who prefer it but see almost all well and many sick visits in person. We have not yet started to entertain the idea of using the waiting room again despite the fact that all staff is vaccinated. Iā€™m honestly not sure how the staff would react if we suggested that.