Hearing tests in office

Hi there,
Wondering about what private peds offices are using for hearing tests. Our audiometer has died. we are investigating the use of a OAE hearing screener. the cost is about 4x that of an audiometer and we have to continue to purchase the disposable ear tips (primarily looking at Welch Allen OAE). we have received mixed information on insurance coverage.
any advice on type of hearing screener, codes, reimbursement would be wonderful.
Thank you.

We have been using OAE for >5 years in office. They paid for themselves in first 6 months and lasted 5 years. We recently purchased new ones as the old ones out of warranty and started breaking. We mostly use at Well visits and if not covered by insurance at well visit we write it off. Even with write offs from some insurance company (yes they should be covered as part of Well Care) it does cover the cost and produces revenue for the practice and is good quality care.