PPE - Can We Cash Pay

Hey Everyone!

 I wanted to ask if it is an option to just ask our patients to cash pay a set rate for our extra PPE costs, instead of trying to bill this to insurance?  We have seen that most payers will not reimburse for this, but we are currently bleeding PPE.  Any help you can give is much appreciated!

Thank you!

We tried that and had several angry parents so we dropped it after a week. Thought it was not worth the negative PR even though it was a small amount we were charging (less than what the insurance was supposed to pay per what I had heard on this forum).



We have not written off the 99072 and havenot billed the patient and as some insurers pay, we refile the claim. For those who are paying we average $40.

Dr. Lori,

Thanks for the update!

Where are you located and what modifier(s) is your practice using for billing payers (commercial and medicaid)?

We are in St Petersburg FL. The code needs no modifier. We are not a Medicaid provider.