Complete in Room Triage

We started to do all our triage in the exam rooms this past flu season but didnt quite get it accomplished. Our one missing piece is the Stadiometer (we already have a scale in every room). We will be placing stadiometers in every room. Does anyone have any more efficient/economical stadiometers than the regular SECA ones? Any other ideas?

Any experience with this for height?

Baby scale will be a seca with measuring rod on a cart (unless you have other alternatives).
We do checkout and schedule followup in room prior to patient leaving.


We use wall mounted stadiometer. No need for extra stuff taking up floor space. We use a measuring device for babies laying down on exam table when not in infant room with it built into the exam table.

we use an $18 aluminum straight edge screwed into wall

along with a carpenter’s square $5

Do you have a picture of it built in?

We use this one. Can get from most GPO suppliers.


I have two different stadiometers, and much prefer the one below. Being vertically “challenged” I like having the height reading lower. For my kids who are 5’10’’ and above, it is hard for me to get an accurate reading with the other models.