Daily Care Messages

My sister is the Director of Community Engagement for St. Luke’s Wood River Medical Center in Idaho. They were hit particularly hard by COVID beginning a few weeks ago and, like everyone here, have been scrambling to stay ahead of the virus. She began writing “daily emails of support and encouragement” for the staff which - not unlike the webinars Paul and I have been doing - struck a really positive note in their community. A local paper even wrote a piece about their impact.

I thought I’d take a stab at sharing her daily messages here - they are designed to be shared with co-workers, staff, friends, family. She’s almost 2 weeks ahead of everyone on this, so if these have value, I’ll keep posting them. Note that she’s not actually creating most of the content, but assembling each daily theme and providing links, etc. I’ll have to edit them where they make specific references to her hospital.

I hope these are helpful.

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