Daily Care Messages Update

Some of you may have noticed that the Daily Care messages stopped. The person writing them, my sister, contracted COVID and was too sick to even get out of bed for a while. She has recovered just fine, it seems, and has returned to writing the messages. I’ll post a few more here, perhaps - I don’t know if practices are finding them useful or not and I don’t want to clutter up email boxes!

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Glad to hear she is doing better!

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Glad to hear she is doing better!! My practice has found them beneficial. I have included links and other quotes as part of my daily messages.

Chip, really good to hear your sister is okay.

Below is a link to webinar presented by Blaise Aguirre, MD (if you rather just look at the presentation the slides are on this same landing page). I love that he shares a personal experience not managing an interaction with his son after a hard days work and finding baby racoons in your chimney). As parents we’ve all been there and under the current stressors of COVID-19 it’s even more difficult.


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Thanks - I’ll send that to my sister now, perhaps she can use it.