We Suffer More In Imagination Than Reality

This is the first Ted talk I have ever watched all the way through, let alone recommended. It’s from Tim Ferriss, someone about whom I know nothing, and his “fear-setting” exercise. It seems very timely.

Why Should You Define Your Fears

“I can’t do a well visit without a physical exam.”
“I’m not going to do that work and if I do, I’m not going to submit it, because I don’t know if the insurance company will pay for it.”
“I’m not going to do telemedicine, my patients don’t want to pay for it either.”
“I’m not comfortable ‘selling’ my practice.”


Really good! Sounds like it would be a great exercise to do with the staff :slight_smile:

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Wow, you made it 13 minutes… impressive Chip! :wink:

I will see if I can make it through as well.

Thanks for the post! I needed that today.

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