Using videos to improve your patient volumes in the COVID19 era

One of the things I have really used to reach my patients with the message of changes we’ve made in the office, the availability of Telemedicine etc is videos.

I use them in my weekly emails (more like 3 times a week :blush:) and social media posts.

The result has been a lot more patient visits than I would have had without it.

I’m an introvert so I can understand how daunting this can be but in these times we need to do what we need to do.

In this episode of the EntreMD podcast, I debunk three myths that stop us from creating videos.

Check it out here:


Thank you for your inspiration. We made our first 2 videos after your post and are making a third tomorrow morning showing a walk-thru of how our office works in the post-quarantine stage.

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Yes!!! Happy to hear it and it works.
Today we saw 56 patients (two doctors).
Consistently putting yourself out there really makes a difference, now more than ever.