Urgent: We Need Your PPE Invoices

You can help the Academy advocate for extra payment to cover the high costs of masks, gowns, and face shields that weren’t accounted for in the pre-COVID valuations. Our amazing Committee on Coding and Nomenclature (COCN) team is leading the pediatric charge to have the cost of PPE formally included in RVU-based pricing. But they need data.

We need you to email copies of invoices that show the prices you paid for PPE items.

  • You must send a copy of your invoice for us to be able to use your information. Don’t send an email that says “I spent $1000 on masks” without providing a copy of your invoice.
  • The invoice must be dated in May or June 2020.
  • Please provide info on the units per item in the body of your email: If your invoice says “Surgical masks, medium, 1 box, $39” we need to know how many masks were in the box: 10? 100? 1000?
  • Items we need pricing for include surgical masks, N95 respirators, isolation gowns, gloves, face shields, and goggles. Include any other items that count as personal protective equipment that you purchased for COVID (PAPR?) We don’t need cleaning supplies prices or physical plant stuff (outdoor tents, installation of glass shields) right now.
  • Deadline: July 5, 2020

Please send your data to sberman@plateaupediatrics.com and put in the subject line: PPE Invoice . I can’t acknowledge receipt of everyone’s data; if you want to be sure I got it, add an automatic “return receipt requested” when you send your email.

This is a great way to collectively help get reimbursed for the cost of PPE we provide. Please enlist the help of the folks at your practice who order supplies and/or manage invoices.

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