Charging for PPE during a visit

We are starting a mobile Caremobile for acute visits that need to be screened or evaluated for COVID-19 exposure or illnesses. Can we charge for PPE equipment that has to be worn and discarded with pediatric NP swabs? What is the code for this?

Our Nurse practioner said her dentist has a statement that some dental insurances are reimbursing for PPE. There was a waiver that if dental insurance covers PPE they would submit it but if not covered patient wouldnt be billed. This was sonething the ADA has promoted.Has anyone heard if the AMA is proposing payers reimburse PPE this way.?

Message below was from wesleys orthodontist.

  1. No additional cost for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment):
    MVPsmiles believes that safety is our number 1 priority and that comes without price or reference to quality. We believe the appropriate use of PPE is merely part of doing business and the practice will completely absorb the added expense of the additional PPE. However, there will be a line item for PPE on your statement as some dental insurances are providing that benefit to us to help during this pandemic. If your insurance does not provide this benefit, we will NOT be asking for any additional out of pocket expenses because we understand this time is hard for everyone.”

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