Sofia 2 vs BD Veritor

We’re looking at moving from the BD Veritor to the Sofia 2 for our in-house rapid testing.

Anyone with experience using the Sofia 2…pros? cons?


  • Melissa
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I switched from the BD Veritor after they had major quality control issues with their product. The reader also expires and you need to purchase a new one.

The Sofia is feel is more reliable and the results are totally objective -cannot manually read if you tried.
You need to have at least 2 machines and do take up more counter space. The flu test can take up to 15 min to report out if negative (if positive and result out by 5 minutes). Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


We’ve use the Sophia for strep and flu. Takes 15 minutes for flu but 5 minutes for strep. We’ve found it easy to use and reliable.


Why do you need to have at least two machines? Workflow, contact, different tests?


The flu test can take 15 min to run. If you have to run a strep at the same time or if have 2 siblings being seen and running 2 tests. You also may be running flu and Covid-19 at the same time. Quidel gives the machines for free with the contracts so maximize your workflow.

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We have been testing 50-75 people per day with the Sofia. We are currently holding claims as CMS hasn’t priced the new CPT code yet (87426). Is anyone submitting claims with another code?

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Looking at billing the CPT Code U0002 “SARS-CoV-2/2019-nCoV (COVID-19), any technique, multiple types or subtypes (including all targets), non-CDC”. We’re using the QW modifier for CLIA-Waived. We just started testing this week so will update if/when we receive payment.

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Thanks, yes please keep us updated on reimbursement.

Anyone using Sofia or another rapid COVID test have a handout they are providing patients with instructions (if positive or negative) you’re willing to share?

We’re using this that Quidel provided to us (from the FDA).

Thank you! That is extremely helpful. Are you using anything to triage who should be tested? We are trying to come up with an algorithm, but there seem to be a lot of community-based exceptions, i.e. “my baseball team is requiring it before this weekend’s tournament”, etc etc.

We have Priority 1 (positive exposure and symptomatic), Priority 2 (positive exposure and asymptomatic), Priority 3 (symptomatic, no known exposure), and Priority 4 (daycare or sport team or other entity request). Priority 1-2 are generally always tested in-house, Priority 3 may be tested dependent on other factors/history, Priority 4 are generally sent out to a state-run testing site or health department.

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Thank you! Are you encouraging your Priority 2’s to wait x days following exposure before testing? There doesn’t seem to be great guidance on this…

First batch of payments received:
U0002-QW paid by BCBS (Maryland), Priority Partners (State of MD MCO), and UHC (though very poor payment). New code 87426 (effective 6/25/20) is not recognized by our payers yet.

Melissa, I am also in MD–Rockville. Is your office doing back up PCR tests for your Sofia negative COVID tests?

Also, Do you use the Sofia tests for Rapid Flu/RSV and Streps? Thanks!

Depends on the patient’s situation and their symptoms. Some we refer out to the HD for a testing location since we do not have any PCR swabs. We’ve been asking LabCorp every week for 4-5 weeks for more swabs and they won’t send us any. If we had the swabs in house, we would probably be more routine about double-checking the negatives ourselves.

Also - yes, we use the Sofia2 for Rapid Strep/Flu/RSV. It’s a nice system.

What quality control issues did veritor have?

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Did not hear about that before … Anyone?