Remote workers

Does anyone have a policy developed yet for reimbursing expenses/providing equipment for remote workers? Our reception and admin staff have been working remotely since mid-March and we do not have immediate plans to bring them back into the office.

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The managers, full-time clinical employees and providers at our offices already had laptops assigned to them as did some of our business office staff. When they work remotely, they use those assigned laptops. That allows us to monitor those machines for security purposes or remote into the device should remote support be required. Anyone working from home already had home WIFI so we have not discussed reimbursement for that item. That may change as time goes on. We have VOIP phones so users can use their computers to access the work phones. Any printing that needs to be done is printed directly to a printer at the office and is then dealt with appropriately. We do not have remote faxing capabilities so if faxing is required it is coordinated with someone in the office. We had extra older monitors that could be sent home which allows staff to have two monitors if needed, especially for the business office staff.

If the plan is not to bring them back into the office for awhile, perhaps you have less need for equipment in the office which could then be used at home.

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@jkeeble Thank you for your helpful reply!