Are employees obligated to come back to work?

As we hope to bring staff back slowly if an employee is not ready to come back (fear, caretaker at home, make more money at home than working because of the extra $600/week) are they at risk of losing unemployment benefits if we “recall” them? Is it better to bring back part time people first vs full time so the full timers can get their maximum unemployment benefits if that is what they want? We obviously will need to do what is best for the practice but at the same time we do not want to hurt anyone financially or otherwise by obligating them to come back.

While I appreciate your sensitivity to the employees’ financial situation, consideration should be given to the patients. If you are busy enough to need more employees, you need to get them back in the office to help…if you got the PPP loan, you should be able to bring everyone back and pay them at least (or more than) what they are drawing from unemployment…

Mr. Vanchiere,
In GA,former employees can get $365 from the state plus the $600 Federal bump for $965/week. That works out to $24.13/hour! They weren’t making that much here. I have one that doesn’t want to come back and I am interviewing now to replace her.

The extra PUA funding only lasts through July. If your staff can’t see that the golden goose is only laying $600 eggs for the next 8 weeks, I’m not sure they’re the forward-thinking, hardworking people you deserve at your office.

Also, refusing to accept work when offered disqualifies you from future unemployment benefits. Enforceability is one thing, but honestly, if someone’s going to perjure themselves on their UI application, I don’t want that kind of person in my office (even if they’re never caught.)

Amen! That’s exactly why i’m interviewing now for her replacement.

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