Loan Forgiveness - Employees may make more on Unemployment?

We applied for the PPP loan today. The doctor that owns the practice plans on keeping all employees and paying them at 75% of their regular salary or regular average hours worked (regardless of how many hours they ACTUALLY work).

My question is, some base level employees may actually make more by filing unemployment due to the Stimulus providing an extra $600 per week. This will affect our loan forgiveness for payroll if they choose to do this. Any thoughts on how to handle this?

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  1. I hope you are paying them for hours worked (HR nightmare if they are working hours and not being paid for them).
  2. some of our staff that wanted to claim unemployment quickly realized they didn’t qualify OR that amount was a lot less than they expected.
  3. In California at least no one that I know who has applied has seen anything about the additional $600, is that in effect currently? Is it UP TO $600 more a week or an additional $600 a week?

We are actually paying them for hours they are NOT working to keep them at 75% of their regular pay! Most employees are only working about 20% of their regular hours but she has chosen to pay them for 75% of what they work during the non COVID time.

And from what I’ve read, it is $600 per week in addition to what they qualify for through unemployment. It doesn’t look like anyone has received that part of the stimulus yet though.