Payment for phone calls

Why do we allow to ONLY be paid for phone calls that don’t result in a visit in 24 hours and that don’t refer back to a visit in the past week for same/similar concerns? That’s not how lawyers work.

Once the COVID emergency passes, will we still be paid for telemedicine and/or telephone care/calls?

This is why in my office we try to turn as many of these calls into Telemedicine visits. Those you can bill for and get paid. No different that the kids who you see in the office two or three times over the course of one illness. All the 9921Xs get paid. I think @Misha Moore alluded to this on the PMI Webinar #13 this past week.

As far as after COVID–we all need to advocate for payment for these services on a permanent basis. It won’t happen if we don’t.

Agree Dr Lori, how do we advocate for the permanent continuation of payments for telemedicine and phone calls? Is the AAP doing anything about it?

I agree! Continued payment for telemedicine is a must!

What’s the AAP doing about it? Start here:

Most state AAP chapters have Pediatric Councils who work with their local payers to make this happen. The Tennessee Pediatric Council helped lobby our state BCBS to make telemedicine coverage permanent (the first BCBS to do so.)

California doesn’t have a Pediatric Council (which I still don’t understand – even though it’s the most populous state, there are somehow no pediatricians interested?) The good news is, the national AAP can help your chapter start one! Lou Terranova ( has the details!

Thank you Dr Berman. I will contact the AAP today on how to start one here in California!

So thankful for this forum and your kindness in taking the time to help other pediatricians!

Lilia F. Coppa, MD, FAAP