Hazard Pay

We are a 3 physician practice in the Philadelphia suburbs. One of our physicians has offered to see patients that have the potential to have COVID or flu like symptoms. We have rented out a separate space to see these patients. Our owner is over 65 and is immune compromised and our other physician does not feel comfortable seeing those patients. So yes, I’m getting to the point :wink:

The physician that is willing to see patients is asking for hazard pay. She will only be doing a few hours 3 days a week to see these patients.

  1. Is this common practice for pediatricians?
  2. Do you feel this is oustide the normal scope of practice and hazard pay is appropriate?
  3. Would you base the hazard pay on number of patients seen, hours or just a flat amount?
  4. What amount do you think would be appropriate? (She has been with our practice since 2009)

Any help would be appreciated as we are trying to get this service up and running for our patients that are no longer happy with being told that we cannot see sick/poss COVID patients in the office!

Thank you all! You’ve been an incredible resource through this.


We all deserve hazard pay for being available to our patients! How do you know if the child receiving a “well visit” with the older partner is not an asymptomatic carrier? Everyone wear a mask/face covering throughout the office stay. The staff visiting with the “r/o” patient is in full PPE including the procurement of specimens. My business partner is 70 years old and we continue to share in patient care equitably. Our practice had remained open despite the shutdown in March albeit less that our usual full day schedule. The is hard on AND FOR EVERYONE!

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agreed! we are fully seeing patients and have been since the begining.