Providers out for Covid

I am wondering if any practices have experienced a provider needing to quarantine for exposure or testing positive for Covid19? We are concerned about staff and providers being exposed outside of the office, particularly with increased risk due to children returning to school next month.
Has anyone developed a policy/plan for when/if providers are out? My accountant is researching, but feels they (including owners) would qualify for the FFCRA sick leave 2 week pay (only to the limit, of course). Likely they will be out longer than 2 weeks, and production will certainly be impacted.
Thank you for reading! Look forward to hearing your responses.

We have been using the CDC and Public Health guidelines and have been really strict.
The staff has to answer COVID symptoms daily and take a temp prior to starting work including
the doctors. We gave everyone 2 weeks of COVID time according to the law and the fine line is when
it is work related. My work comp carrier said if the employee/doctor gets COVID from a coworker or patient, then it falls under workers comp and they will supplement the wage lose. We haven’t had that issue yet. Fee free to email if you have more questions. I am getting a zoom meeting tomorrow with other managers and this is a topic we are sharing best practices on.

I have a provider who was out Covid+. It appears the provider could be considered exempt from the FFCRA paid leave, based on the definition, but Q56 concludes encouraging us to consider payment under this model. (up to the limit) Thoughts?