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Many Pediatricians will go into Telemedicine ( TM ) kicking and screaming. Here is the place to share what you have seen work well and get answers to common questions you may have.

We are doing a lot of telehealth including well visits with the plan of a return quick PE in June with vision/hearing etc. This is what we are finding so far in CA re: reimbursement.
This is what we have so far:

bad news first:


NOT paying for virtual well visits and is

paying 66% of face to face for a 99214 virtual

Anthem BC

only pays 38cents for a telephone call

pays 73% for sick visit code

pays in full for Well visits

sick paying 70%

well same as in person

got an email saying they would pay in full for all virtual visits


All visits paid at face to face rate

Blue Shield

sick visit 92%

Well same as face to face

Brown and Toland-managed health care

all visits same as face to face

Hopefully we can all push on the bad payors and our local leaders to get fair reimbursement!

We like most have started telemed. According to the most up to date list from the Texas Medical Association most of the private payers and Texas Medicaid have their telemedicine waiver expire May 31st and some June 18th. Feels like we are getting ramped up just to have to go back to same old in order to get paid. Anybody hearing information about companies extending these deadlines?

Just a quick update. As you all may be aware the National AAP has been advocating for extensions of telemedicine coverage with the major national insurance plans. Your state Chapter AAP Pediatric Care Councils are also advocating by writing letters to the major plans at the state level. This is the time to continue pushing for appropriate coverage. Add your voices to their efforts.