Launching Telemedicine in your practice

If you have been hesitant about starting Telemedicine in your practice or you have launched it but haven’t been able to generate patient visits, I created a free resource for you.

The Telemedicine Masterclass is your quick guide (literally 74 minutes) to get Telemedicine in place in less than 24 hours. Like Chip said in his webinar with Paulie, you should have started yesterday.

You will also get great tips on how to increase utilization of the service. It’s great for access to care for your patients AND you bottom line.

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I think one key that folks don’t often understand is that an “app download” is not a barrier to telehealth. Apps are expensive but invested in for many reasons: faster, more reliable, able to work offline, customizable and able to have push notifications and communication etc… and in telehealth the smartphones make up 90% of visits as few folks have mics/webcams on their desktops. So, just to clarify Dr. Una’s excellent discussion… don’t mistake a download as a barrier it will actually enhance success. Most of our failed visits are on the web (we have both) where differing browsers and speeds reek havoc. Quicker not always better… I would suggest we kill this myth. If you wonder about all the variability in a web only application… it’s not really in their control and that’s what makes it tough.

An app is great for a more reliable connection and a lot of extra features but remember that there are all kinds of patient populations and for a number, downloading an app will be a barrier. For the average millennial, it won’t be but that is only one segment.

I am not aware of this data around difficulty with app downloads. Would love a reference if you have one. Where we see more challenge is with the underserved population struggling with data plans, broadband and wifi access. Emails and passwords are also struggles as some don’t have email and/or can’t recall a password… and of course for proper HIPAA needs you need these to ensure you have the proper security. Language is another challenge, but really expensive for practices to afford translators.

Fantastic interview on the EntreMD Podcast with Dr. Sogol Pahlavan on integrating Telemedicine. She debunks myths around Telemedicine and discusses efficient workflows and effectively spreading the word to current patients.