Late Night With Chip & Paulie (Episode 16)

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This complimentary PMI Roadmap for Selling/Buying A Pediatric Practice contains:

  1. Roadmap of the process to buy/sell a pediatric practice
  2. Questions that should be considered by all parties to ensure a purchase/sale will be a good fit
  3. Over 125 items that may be reviewed during the “Due Diligence” phase of a practice sale

Whether the practice is being sold to an outside party or simply an internal transaction among the group, there is great information one needs to know before consummating a transaction.
Screenshot 2023-04-21 08.21.19

Download Your PMI Roadmap For Selling/Buying A Pediatric Practice here:
PMI_Practice_Sale_Guide_Share.pdf (172.6 KB)

Here’s the recording:

Here’s the slide deck:
Late_Night_E16.pdf (2.5 MB)