PMI Conference Update

@Chip and I appreciate everyone’s contribution to this forum. Its success would not have been possible without the community coming together to share ideas and support one another. How nice would it be to get together with the community face to face? There is a chance to do so at the next PMI conference scheduled for January 2020.

Next weekend the early bird discount of $100 in savings will come to an end. if you are thinking about attending, I suggest you go ahead and reserve your spot as it will be a sold out event. Rest assured that we provide a 100% refund before the end of this year if you are unable to make it.

Check out the details here:

Do me a favor…if you are planning to attend the 2022 conference, reply to this thread and share with the community why you are planning to be there.

The best part of the conference for me is being able to spend time and catch up with great speakers like @SKB , @katski , @verdengroup , @runhack , @Brandon , @nburgert , @ckraft , @kdominy , @Emilyfloyd , @skressly , @ssirota , @KidsFirst20 , @hlavania , @trushford , @Jan , @ameyer , @avaughn and so many others.

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