How To Start a New Practice And Migrate Your Existing Patients

Here’s a link to the webinar I referenced last night that @verdengroup and I did about practices divorcing (or being divorced) and starting up with existing patients.


Are you, and maybe some of your partners, thinking about splitting your existing practice? Time to flee a sinking ship? Maybe your megagroup isn’t what it used to be (or ever was). Maybe you’re hearing rumors that the hospital is about to let all the pediatricians go. Here’s some free advice for you.

For almost a decade, Susanne Madden and I have co-taught a course about “How To Open A Pediatric Practice In 5 Easy Steps” including a multi-year run at the AAP NCE. We realized recently that we presume that all new practices are “startups” when, all too often, they are not. It’s just as likely that we speak to the products of a “bad divorce” - a practice splitting up or being punted from their employer, etc. And when that happens, there is almost always an issue of “who gets the kids?”

Susanne and I give you a dense 90 minutes or so on this topic and boy, I can think of a handful of practices who could have used this advice BEFORE they reached out to one of us, so here it is!