HIPAA Compliance Training

How do you all handle your yearly HIPAA compliance training? Also looking for OSHA training options. We are a small practice with less than 15 employees.



Would be interested in learning more about other group’s HIPAA / OSHA training too.

I know Stericycle has a good OHSA program…all online…some payroll processors offer courses and tracking programs for OSHA…for HIPAA compliance, there are many programs spending on your needs- education only through full HIPAA assessments…

We are a little bit larger practice with about 35 employees. We have just signed a contract with TMC (Total Medical Compliance). They offer both HIPAA and OSHA on-site training, which is what we have hired them for (and I believe they also offer only on-line as well). They come with good recommendations.

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and Stericycle for OSHA training

Same size practice. We did it for free through Mag Mutual, our malpractice carrier. All the other companies wanted a bunch of money for it…

Do you happen to know of any training resources regarding the Information Blocking rules coming in April? Thinking of combining with HIPAA training in the future.

We use Health Care Compliance
It is online training. Emails are sent to the employees to remind them or their testing being due
It also tracks expiration dates for us

Terry Cleveland

Hi Terry! Can you provide the website for that company?

We are small practice in Chicago. We use


Easy to customize and user friendly.

We use info@totalmedicalcompliance.com and do it all online.

Cheryl sidebottom
Prospect Pediatrics

We use our malpractice insurance company (Doctors Co) for our HIPAA training, it is free through their website on demand. For our OSHA we use Stericycle on demand, our waste management company, it’s free through the, as well. The OSHA training isn’t the best but it satisfies the yearly requirements.
I would check with your malpractice and waste management servicers to see what they offer.

I have recommended these folks to lots of smaller practices. They have a good-sized library of training modules and easy tracking Compliance PhD 1-19 employees is $399/yr and 20-50 is $599

We have less than 10 employees and use compliancephd for both. I love them! So easy and affordable and up to date! They have everything you could need.