Webinar #2 - Distilled Chat Comments

1 90700 is a code for DTap
2 Also sharing all our practice teledocs https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/16SBLnDvbG2DOS_qpOrgGFABSRiBBhlAh
3 Are people billing for 99058 when you examine a child in an outside exam room with PPE?
4 can we ask non exempt not use vacation time ?
5 Can you bill for 99051 for after hours?
6 Can you change existing employed physicians to a production based salary at this time?
7 Can you furlough an exempt employee?
8 Can you share the link for the SOAPM/FMLA seminar?
9 employees are no longer required to use FMLA in weekly increments. They can take it in days. How do we handle the exempt employee that wants to take one day per week? Can we reduce their salary by one day?
10 My ADHD patients love telemedicine visits - I'm worried that when this is all over they will refuse office visits and insist on telemedicine and by then insurance will no longer pay. Anyone else think that?
11 Great Tele guide from Childrens CO: https://mcusercontent.com/c49ad8af77717950c0296d8c1/files/09d0fddf-914e-4612-b1c0-7678c8b8aec7/PCN_Community_Telehealth_Reference_Guide_Current_as_of_2pm_MDT_03.19.2020.pdf
12 has anyone done or know if we can bill for 'group' telemedicine visits? i'm sure some patients would love a forum to ask q&a even on covid if we offered, and would be amazing to be able to bill for it. or could be a way to cohort some young well visits to at least go over anticipatory guidance
13 Hello, I posted this question several times, and I "raised my hand", and my question was not answered, again my question is: Can an employee collect unemployment, under the new stimulus bill, if they are put on furlough?
14 How can we negotiate with our State DOH who bonus/penalize HEDIS measures and Medicaid 3rd party payors who have HBR incentives?
15 https://www.texmed.org/telemedicine/
16 I second the request about having a labor lawyer on the panel
17 I would really love someone to comment on the owner and salaried staff percentage cuts and whether or not this will hurt our chances to get a federal assistance loan if able. I plan to cut my salary next pay period, but don’t want to do anything to harm my ability to get the fed assist loan. Thanks. Sorry to be redundant, just looking for clarification.
18 Is anyone doing after hours and weekend Telehealth video appointments? If yes, then are you billing for after hours code with the Telehealth
19 Let’s have a National Independent Pediatric SuperGroup out of this this summer
20 out local hospital is offering $15 telehealth visits
21 over 40,000 free meditations. I like this one better than calm or headspace https://insighttimer.com/meditation-app
22 remember to turn off your auto payments!
23 so we can not cut “exempt” employee salaries? Is there somewhere I can read more about this?
24 So… can the AAP be prepared for ‘next steps’ on the value of WCCs b/c there’s science in the adult domain that says you don’t need to put a gown on and examine all of an adult patient. We need some forward thinking leadership at the AAP about what NextGen checkups really are going to look like.
25 to the person who spoke about the "ma/scribe" model they were in the process of implementing--can you share some of that information??
26 we already have cases of pertussis in the area
27 We are PediaMetrix and we are Johns Hopkins alumni, scIentists. We provide remote digital cranial measurements for pediatricians. We are giving access to our alpha platform for free in response to COVID19 for pediatricians who have parents with plagiocephaly concern. It would be great if you can share this with the group so they are aware of this offer? Thanks! Dr. Reza Seifabadi, Co-founder and COO. Here is our website address: https://www.pediametrix.com/softspot
28 What are you all doing for CODING of COVID-19 swabs? The way I read things we code the E/M visit as usual with the specimen collection code of 99000. The trickier part is the diagnosis codes...looks like it is 100% dependent upon the results of that test, which has been taking 4-14 days for us to get from the lab!!!
29 what did Chip just say about AMEX?
30 What exactly is an employee assistance program?
31 what example employee assistance program for $1.50per emp per month?
32 what if EVERYONE wants to be home?
33 What if the contracted provider is willing to take the cut? Is there a concern for doing that without the lawyer? How will that effect our ability to get a federal assistance loan?
34 what if the owner wants to continue to pay for the health insurance even if they are laid off?

1 90700 is a code for DTap

As many people have pointed out, I misspoke on the webinar the other day! I’m not sure what I said, but what I meant to reference was the 99070 CPT code for Medical, Surgical, and Routine Supplies.

We know that some volume of supplies is included in the RVUs for the 9921X series. I don’t think, however, they include full masks, gowns, gloves, etc. Lord knows our friends up at the hospital are billing for everything in the room.

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We had a lot of requests to have a labor lawyer on the call this week. It’s not easy finding a (good) attorney quickly right now as they are all a little busy, but we found one. Details will follow, but we plan to address a series of the most common questions we’re getting on Thursday night!

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We already heard that AMEX has extended payments to be interest free for 30 days. Please confirm, as I was only passing along email shared with me. Some googling indicates that there is truth to the story, but there are caveats (of course).

#3. 99058 is a CPT code for office-based emergency care that interrupts other routinely-delivered services. Wearing PPE doesn’t necessarily make the patient visit an emergency.

#7. Yes. However, be sure the exempt employee doesn’t do ANY work during the week. No work emails, no text messages, no FYIs. If they work at all, you become obliged to pay them for the week. Take away their company laptop, if they have one.

#9. Yes, assuming your employee has no more PTO to apply to her FMLA time, you may reduce her salary for FMLA time used.

#13. Yes, furloughed employees can collect unemployment, assuming they otherwise meet the criteria for unemployment (willing to work, looking for work, not through their choice/their fault.)

#23. You can reduce the salary of exempt employees. However, you have to do it prospectively, the type of work they do still has to be exempt work, and they can’t be cut below $455/week. You can say, for example, “You’ve been making $1000/week, but for the next 3 months, we are going to pay you $800/week.” Then you have to stick to it. You can’t pay her $800 one week then $600 the week after that then $750 the week after that, depending on how much work you have for her.

If you want to vary her salary based on how much work there is to do, it’d be better to put her back to hourly wage, saying, “We can pay you $20/hr for full time work, i.e. 40 hours a week” and have her keep track of her hours. If she only works 30 hours one week, you can pay her $600. But if she starts working 50 hours a week, you have to pay $600 straight time + $300 time-and-a-half.

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