Daily Care Message 04/13/20 (Stillness)

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“There are so many contradictions in all these messages we send. (We keep asking) how do I get out of here, where do I fit in? Though the world is torn and shaken, even if your heart is breakin’, it’s awaiting for you to awaken, and someday you will – learn to be still, learn to be still.” - The Eagles .

Learn to be Still

The irony is not lost on me as I write this daily care message. The past several weeks I have been sharing suggestions on how to keep moving, to keep thinking, to keep finding ways to adapt to our ever evolving new normal, asking you to stretch yourself in ways you may not have before. Shoot, at one point I suggested rollerblading and singing at the top of your lungs. I think our mindset tends to lean towards thinking that if we are “doing” then we are changing and improving.

We are constantly bombarded with external stimulation which requires a constant output of energy, leading to feelings of exhaustion and stress. It’s unrealistic to think these inputs are unavoidable, in fact most are necessary for us to be successful in our daily lives. So, it’s not a matter of eliminating them totally, but learning how to dilute the impact, to build a safety shield of sorts from letting the noise become overwhelming. And that shield can be stillness.

Developing a practice of stillness can be difficult. I am currently failing at it. But, we learned the other day that new habits take time, so be patient and kind to yourself. The best first step in incorporating stillness into your day is intentionality. Add to that a quiet room, soft music and lighting if you’d like, a focus on what’s in your control, and the act of physically slowing down by sitting or lying down.

I’m impressed with what some of the benefits may be from 5 minutes of stillness every day: less stress, soothes our nervous system, improves the ability to let things go more easily, increases listening skills, brings clarity, improves sleep, anchors you to the present, improves your ability to handle diversity, and improves overall health (check out www.makedapennycooke.com/practicing-stillness for more info).

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