Daily Care Message 03/26/20 (Cultural Resources Online)

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We care about you .

“The greatest compassion is the prevention of human suffering through patience, alertness, courage, and kindness” – Amit Ray

Going into a self-quarantine can have many complex issues and complications beyond having enough food and supplies for two weeks. In terms of entertainment, it also probably means you may be in for some boredom, a lot of Netflix, and a lot of browsing the internet.

Thankfully, culture and education are now right at your fingertips! There are 100s of opportunities to take virtual tours of the most famous museums, zoos, landscapes, and to listen to free concerts of every genre.

The following links are a good start:

World’s greatest museums and heritage sites.

Free concerts

Parks, Zoos, and Museums

Music, Museums, and more Zoos!

Helpful Resources:
[Here, consistently list local resources for your staff and their families - maybe you have an EAP, local crisis contacts, etc.]

We are so grateful for you and your service. Thank you for all that you do.

Thinking of you,