COVID Vaccine Adminstration

Our office has not been giving COVID shots. As the vaccine is going to be available for younger group we are thinking we should be doing it as most of our practice is in this age group. If anyone from the practices that are currently giving COVID shots I like to know .

  1. How is the reimbursement ?
  2. What code do you use ?
  3. How and who do we file administration fees to BCBS, Aetna, United etc or state.?
    . We are not Medicaid provider.

Reimbursement is adequate. Maybe $35-45 on average? This is an average of all payments, so some don’t pay and some pay more.

Codes 91301 Moderna, 0011A (1st admin), 0012A (2nd admin), 0013A (3rd admin)

91300 (Pfizer), 0001A (1st admin), 0002A (2nd admin), 0003A (3rd admin)

We file with insurances, we also signed up with emergency Medicare for the elderly. If insurance doesn’t pay, you can submit to HRSA.

Thank you for the information. Any advise to fill up application for Emergency Medicare will be helpful.

hlavania, Thank You