COVID vaccine administration

Can you bill this if supply is not yours, you are only administering.

You can bill for the administration code regardless of if you paid for the supply or not. For the actual vaccine CPT code, if you did not pay for the vaccine, some insurance companies will not allow the cpt code to go on the claim at all and some will let you put a $0.01 placeholder charge on the claim for tracking purposes.


Thanks for the info, let’s see if the reimbursement increases as they say.



I am fairly certain that you cannot bill for the administration as the entity who received the vaccine gets a stipend for the administration and that would be considered “double dipping”. I suggest asking the entity who gave you their doses about whether or not you can bill the administration fee.

Thanks, this is correct after further discussion.


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Yes, these public health clinics are making everyone think that they are doing you a huge favor by “giving” you this free vaccine. Since we can’t get it from the state ourselves, we accept it. I did the same thing and give over 2,000 doses that way. I incurred all the costs, which were actually minimal. All the staff were volunteers and the town gave freely of their facility and paid for the pharmaceutical grade refrigerator and freezer so that we could vaccinate locally. If I had been able to get the vaccine myself, and I did try, I would have been able to bill the $40 times 2000 doses. So yes, I am out about $80,000 because the state did what they did. I do resent it. But if I had a chance to do it all over again, I would do it again. It was the right thing to do.

I finally am being given vaccine and now it is difficult to find people to give it to.

Are you saying a pediatric clinic will NOT be reimbursed for doing the vaccines at a drive through clinic? I had thought we would receive the national posted “admin fee”? or does it matter where the vaccine comes from? Hospital or State??

vaccine is supply by the county