COVID Admin not being paid $40 by some insurances

Is anyone else having issues with administration of COVID Vaccine not being paid the full $40.00?
Is this normal?

Anthem/United Healthcare/BCBS is not paying the full amount (some plans are). All other insurances are paying.
Moderna 1st dose–0011A
Moderna 2nd dose-0012A

Thanks for any help or advice.

Are you charging more than $40? We noticed early on that payers were adjusting based upon our contracts…which in most cases requires we charge more than what they deem usual and customary.

No we are charging only $40.00. Thanks for the advice

We charge $50 for the administration of COVID vaccine, but we do not charge the patient. If they have no insurance we bill to the federal government.

AL Medicaid is reimbursing $40 for the admin fee for each vaccine administration

BCBS of AL is reimbursing for the admin fee; first dose of Moderna 0011A $28.39; second dose admin fee 0012A $31.23.

The reimbursement fee for Pfizer is different admin fee reimbursement $18.63 and we will give our second dose of Pfizer vaccine starting this week.

Once Moderna is approved for >12 yo we will only offer Moderna mostly because of storage restraints

It is so disappointing about the differences in reimbursement.

We just ran our first COVID vaccine clinic. Early results show that UHC paid $19.99 for the admin fee for three claims and UHC Empire paid $14.08. So far the others have paid paid $40 (private and Medicaid). and we have no responses yet from 1199 and GHI. And similar to the tracy we billed above $40 as per the guidance we received.