Covid Pay for Employees/Tax Credits

Can anyone tell me if there are still tax credits available to practices if they are paying their employees for covid sick pay? I can’t seem to find anything that states beyond September 2021 that tax credits are still available.

And it appears that a portion of the OSHA ETS plan has been withdrawn (as of Dec 27th)? I was reviewing the OSHA website and there is a statement that says “given that OSHA anticipates a final rule cannot be completed in a timeframe approaching the one contemplated by the OSH Act, OSHA also announces today (Dec 27th 2021) that it is withdrawing the non-record keeping portions of the healthcare ETS. The COVID-19 log and reporting provisions, 29CFR 1910.502(q)(2)(ii), (q)(3)(ii)-(iv), and (r), remain in effect.” Anyone else see this??

I was wondering the same thing as we are still paying ours also but have not found anything on it yet either

Also looking for some insight on status of OSHA’s ETS for Healthcare (issues June 2021) given latest Supreme Court ruling - are these still in force, specifically, do we still have to pay up to $1400/week to employees who are out with Covid - thanks