CARES Provider Relief Fund Deadline now August 3

From the HHS FAQ:

When is the deadline to submit an application? (Modified 7/17/2020)

The deadline to submit an application for the Medicaid and CHIP Distribution is August 3, 2020

Send a great big HUZZAH to Mark Del Monte, Stephanie Glier, and the other AAP advocacy team members,who said WE NEED MORE TIME WHILE Y’ALL GET YOUR PORTAL FIXED.


Wonderful! Thank you for your advocacy! I’m 7 days out from validating my TIN and their website still says its processing…

AWESOME WORK!!! Thank you all!

Does anyone know if you can apply for CARES Act if you don’t do medicaid or medicare but do Tricare? That’s 10% of my business. I submitted an application but wasnt clear on that point. I had an accountant tell me anyone could apply?

No, unfortunately. You must take Medicaid or CHIP.