Bcbs claims practice for mmr and varicella vaccines

Anyone still having problems with BCBS changing patient claims billed when MMR (90707) and Varicella (90716) vaccines are administered and billed separately to patients but are paid by BCBS as MMR-V (90710). This has been happening since March of 2023 with their rationale that cpt 90707 and 90716 are no longer valid and therefore there are “replacing” with a “better” code cpt 90710. We have called the payer for clarification. In addition, Dr. Sandy Chung has written a letter dated 3-27-23 to the payer with which I have submitted with our own appeal letter for proper payment yet the saga continues. I have reached twice out to the AAP as a follow-up since Dr. Chung’s letter and am in receipt of the same copy of Dr. Chung’s letter and a print-out of AMA’s CPT vaccines description.

Any suggestions/comments?