Are you hiring?

I can’t tell you how helpful all this has been! Please let me know if there are any opportunities to work with you guys, and I can send a resume. Thanks again!

Hi there,

Whatcha interested in doing?


Hi Paulie-

I am interested in it all! I have been a practicing PNP for 11-12 years now, doing more administrative/practice management for the last 5 years for a small pediatric practice in rural Dansville, NY and just can’t get enough of you guys.

I will attach a resume. Let me know if there is a need…



Resume2.doc (87 KB)

Thinking about this more, I would say I am still learning a lot day to day, but have always been a strong networker/communication administrator.

I made a “communication forum” for our practice , taking a game plan out of the PMI playbook, and so far so good.

Thanks again for all you guys are doing!