Webinar #3 Followup

I just spent a few hours trying to edit and organize the hundreds of questions (and some answers!) from our Thursday webinar. I’m doing my best to mix and match everything in to make it easiest for everyone to follow, look for their particular interest, etc.
Right now, I’ve broken the questions into three categories:

  • Everything related to the SBA loans, PPP, etc.
  • Everything related to H/R issues.
  • Everything else

Of course, many of the topics blend into each other, especially as it relates to employment and the PPP program, but I’ve done my best.
Once I’ve posted everything here, I encourage the community to provide input, answers, guidance, and experiences. We are going to engage Kerin Stackpole to answer as many of the questions as reasonably possible, especially the H/R related ones.

Some caveats:

  • As smart as people like Dr. Berman, Kerin, and Paulie are, there’s a lot going on here and not only can we get answers wrong, the targets are moving and communication is challenging. Something that was right last week can be wrong today and vice versa. We’re all doing our best.
  • Although Kerin is an attorney, she may not be licensed to practice in your state. She is not giving legal advice here. Every single thing you read on this site should be confirmed by your practice attorneys and accountants.
  • I have to figure out a better way to do this!
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I forgot to share the top comment/question contributors from the meeting!

16 Christoph Diasio (@cdiasio)
13 STaci Young (@staciyoungmd)
13 Laurel Mehler (@lmehler)
12 eshita bakshi
10 Debra Harmady
8 Todd Wolynn (@toddwolynn)
8 Juliana Nahas (@jnahasmd)
7 rachael charach (@rcharach)
7 Michael Scobie (@Mjscobie)
7 Leasa Horst (@leasa)
6 Monica Asnani (@asnani)
6 Jennifer Lacey (@Jence20)
6 Becca
5 Sandy Herron (@Mstherron)
5 Nneka Unachukwu (@drunachukwu)
5 Ahmed Monib (@ammonib)

We did hear from over 230(!) attendees last week. Thank you for being active, speaking up, and helping each other.

I am confused. Was there mention that Kerin Stackpole answered 80 questions somewhere in this forum?

I put them all right here!