Starting visit via TM, ending it in person

Polling the group:

For a visit done via TM, but that you have the family come for a focused exam performed in the car (in this case, bringing the baby to look in the ears) - do you still bill with the -95 modifier, or does this count as a regular office visit?

Assuming that it’s all one service date, I would include the Telemedicine portion in the encounter and bill an in person office visit only, but one that reflects the combined complexity of both parts.

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That is also what I have been doing.

Thanks everyone; that’s been the consensus across all platforms.

I wanted to revive this topic as we are doing many more hybrid visits now. Is everyone still on-board with billing a hybrid without the telemed modifier? What if the visit is telemed first with only a drive-by swab in the car with no exam in the car?