Quick Question From the Wall Street Journal!

Our contact from the WSJ (who helped publish the data about vaccines we’ve shared here) has a question: are any of you having trouble securing syringes? Or any other non-PPP equipment for that matter? I hadn’t heard any stories along these lines, but if they are out there, LET ME KNOW!

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About 2 weeks ago our practice’s order for syringes and needles were placed on allocation.

We were made aware this week from McKesson that our needle and syringes were also being placed on allocation.

We use Henry Schein and we have not yet seen any quantity restrictions placed on syringes yet.


We’re seeing increased demand for needles and syringes because more people will be looking to get the flu shot and/or a COVID vaccine this year so the government and distributors are trying to secure inventory

We have not experienced that, but thank you for the heads up that this could be a potential issue.

McKesson is our medical supplier, and syringes and needles are on allocation. We are allowed to purchase a few boxes every few weeks, along with alcohol preps. My theory is the government is stockpiling for when a COVID vaccine is available, but that is just a guess.

Interesting, and we have not been put on allocation yet. However great heads up and folks may want to think about over ordering supplies that will not expire for awhile. Key for allocation is what your past orders looked like. We ran into this with hand sanitizer from 3M back in February and very happy we increased our purchase rate then so have been able to keep up. Only wish we did this with gowns. Everything is allocation based these days. Great use of CARES act money to increase purchasing for PPE when able.

We work with McKesson. Our last order did not have us on allocation, but our next one will.