PPP LOAN distrubution

I got PPP loan funds came 5/4/20. eight week payrol would be 7/4. I have 5 payrolls coming.
which is 5/6, 5/20, june 3rd, june 17th, july 1. can I pay for the 5th payroll even though technically 8 wks.
thank you

We received our PPP funds on 5/4/20 as well, congrats!. Technically 8 weeks from 5/4/20 is 6/29/20.

I agree your 8 weeks ends 6/29/20. Do we think the final day is included we were disbursed 5/7/20 - so can we do a payroll on 5/7/20 or does it need to be 5/6/10?

That’s what my accountant said

could you pay payroll early on 6/29? Ours ends in the middle of a payroll two week cycle, and my accountant suggest we do 1 wk payroll for those two weeks, so one week is included.