PPP inner workings

Check out these banker fees per loan they close!
I cannot believe they cannot get their act together (at least my local banks).
Looks like BofA is going to do OK this year!

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Check out the “agent” fees. $3500-$5000 just for delivering a practice and paperwork to a bank. I was about to type out a funny suggestion about the process, but I’m suddenly not comfortable contributing to what will clearly be the greatest potential fraud opportunity in our lifetimes, even if it’s a joke.

I read the agent fees as well last week and I am struggling to understand why big banks are dragging their feet. Yes they do want to be the bank that underwrites the business loan after the earmarked billions has already been dispersed.
Here is the dark side interpretation and I do not agree with it, but it does wake me at 4AM.
Big banks would rather make the non forgivable loan at 4-6% interest in companies that they know will be solvent and only have liquidity issues for a few months. Yes this is dark, but only explanation I can think of that makes legitimate sense, bring on the flames.

Occam’s Razor says that it’s probably administrative at this point. Not EVERY bank is in an identical situation and not everyone to whom they are lending is equally risky - hence, there’d be real leaks in the industry as some banks race ahead to lend and others don’t.
The administration fired the starting gun, but no one knows where the course runs yet.

I’ll chill and sleep better once the PPP loan is in our account. Can’t wait until wednesday. We have heard from fifth third that they will accept application today (Monday) and submit the application on Wednesday through SBA. Anticipation of Christmas morning but I know I have been naughty so I’m just not sure what to expect. Darn elf is always spying on me.