Late Night With Chip & Paulie (Episode 13)

Along with their special guest Santi Castaneda, an industry veteran in the world of private equity, Chip & Paulie discussed:

  1. The general role of private equity in creating/leveraging business opportunities
  2. How private equity firms justify their investments
  3. Why private equity firms are investing in medical practices
  4. Potential conflicts for private equity firms between their obligation to investors and the patients being served
  5. When private equity-backed partnerships are a reasonable/viable option for a pediatric practice to consider
  6. What pediatric practices should be looking at when deciding if such a partnership is right for them.

Link to slides:
Late_Night_E13.pdf (2.1 MB)

How am I supposed to know what UHC is supposed to be paying for COVID testing to know if I need to fill out the Hassle Factor form or not?

It’s around $142 for a 4-1 test 0241U

That is the code for the 4 test and indeed the Medicare rate is $142 You are talking about the solo Covid test and that Medicare rate is$51

George Rogu MD