Kids 5-11 Vaccine

For those in Texas and who ordered the vaccine, which Wave are you in for receipt of vaccines? We ordered in first few minutes of VAOS opening up, and we are in Wave 2. I asked a few peds clinics and they are in Wave 2 or 3? Wave 1 will get the shipment first (Tues/ Wed?) and then 2, and 3. Is anyone in Wave 1 or the usual culprits like pharmacies and grocery stores are in Wave 1? The powers that be promised pediatric clinics will be given priority, but it doesn’t look like it.

We’re in Houston. We’re getting the shipment today! I guess we were in Phase 2.

We have started to get payments for the pediatric COVID vaccine. Texas Medicaid pays at the same rate as the 12y+ version. So far, BCBS is paying $30 for the pediatric vaccine. Yeah, bc it’s a smaller human, so therefore the reimbursement should be less. :roll_eyes: