Hiring New Doctors

COVID has significantly impacted most of our practices in terms of sick visits. Numbers are still down. But one surprising thing has happened. I am getting calls from residents looking for work. In the past I have had to scour everywhere to find people. Is this an opportunity despite the lower numbers or a risky endeavor considering where we are right now?

We have also been getting even more outreach than usual. I know the Childrens CO community website with CO Pediatric jobs has very very few postings, in contrast to the usual number. We had just hired a new provider in June 2020 so we are not actively looking at further hires.
So much of this decision making depends on your anticipation of patient numbers and growth (or anyone retiring). We currently have less sick visits (and are in a huge WCC push as our state Medicaid recently approved Tele-WCC) but with many school districts in our region requiring MD/provider clearance letter , we aniticpate being full with that again!
Good luck!
Pediatric Partners SW, Durango, CO