CPOE Follow Up

Many have asked about the upcoming Certified Pediatric Office Executive (CPOE) program soon to be released by PMI.

We are planning to launch this robust learning opportunity in July 2020. Check out the details here:

How does your course compare to the AAPC course for a Certified Physician Practice Manager (CPPM)? The focus on Pediatrics is one of the differences but I was curious what you thought was the difference.

The CPOE program is directly focused on Pediatrics versus general practice management. The CPOE program in some ways is a bit more rigorous in terms of the essay, capstone project and interview process versus AAPC. List price for the complete training and course from AAPC‘s CPPM certification is $2,189 (before seasonal discounts) versus CPOE’s $699. They also charge $175 for individual membership plus $349 for their webinar subscription- which is more that the CPOE annual recertification- which includes those items plus more.

Wow! that’s a great deal Paul. I just looked at your course listing. You really do cover everything. Well it looks like I will be taking your course then. Great deal!
Thank you again for all that you have done for us Pediatric offices during this Pandemic. You and Chip have poured yourselves into helping our very unique little community. Blessing to you sir.