Clarification of partner income from PPP

I received a notification from my malpractice carrier that partner income should be reported with the employees income when filing the PPP. It had previously been recommended for partner owners to file their own PPP. SBA clarified this tonight 04/14

…the new guidance directs that the self-employment income of partners in a partnership may be reported as a payroll cost, up to $100,000 annualized, on a PPP loan application filed by or on behalf of the partnership (or LLC filing taxes as a partnership).


so what do we do if we have already filed for PPP without the owner income (as was previously advised). our original PPP was approved, but we have not yet signed off as we would prefer to reapply with our owner income (up to 100K), but cannot reach anyone at our bank (BOA) to figure out how to do this. we don’t mind waiting a bit for the funds, as we don’t need for our low payroll now, would rather get the loan/grant in a month when we need more people. but we don’t want to risk not getting any $$. any ideas?

If the loan has been “approved” by SBA, it may be too late to amend it as the approval earmarks the designated loan proceeds by tax ID number. I would wait for guidance from the bank on how to amend it. Worse case (assuming the loan documents have not been signed) you MAY be able to submit a new application. If the loan documents have been signed by the practice, I suspect it may be too late to add the physicians back into the equation.