CIGNA allowances

In CT we are being limited by Cigna to billing only a 99421 for any telehealth visit- cannot get information on payment either. Anyone have more information without revealing actual payments?

Up until yesterday, Blue Cross Blue Shield Nebraska was only allowing the same. It took a lot of lobbying from offices and reaching to our state Medical Association, but BCBSNE sent out an update that they would allow 99211, 99212, and 99213 codes, but “weren’t going to reimburse at the in-person rate.” So although we had a minor victory yesterday, we are still lobbying for same in-person reimbursement.
The state Medical Association is pushing hard for the Governor of Nebraska to issue an executive order mandating all insurances pay in-person rates for telehealth visits. It’s an uphill battle, but one that must be fought.
Good Luck!

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