AAP Elections - best post-COVID-19 President?

The AAP elections are open until June 9th and the person we vote for will take office on Jan 1, 2021. I am not familiar with either candidate, but this is clearly a much more important decision post-pandemic. Does anyone on this forum know the candidates well enough to have an opinion on which one would be the best President to lead us in the post-pandemic pediatric world?

I am a private practice pediatrician in Jacksonville, FL and have practiced here for 25 years. In our community, we have a close relationship with both Wolfson’s Children’s Hospital and the University of Florida. Dr. Mobeen Rathore, chief of Infectious Disease and immunology at Wolfson Children’s Hospital as well as a professor at UF is one of the two candidates for the next president of the AAP. I am sure you are able to read about his longtime involvement and his impressive achievements on the AAP website. I can tell you personally that he is an intelligent and caring individual. During this pandemic, he has continued to keep all of us educated and informed with the latest information and recommendations. He even answered his cell phone last week when our youngest partner called to ask his opinion concerning our triaging rashes for TH in light of MIS-C. I believe his calm demeanor, clinical strength in infectious disease and decades of involvement in all aspects of the AAP would make Mobeen an excellent choice for AAP president. Wendy Sapolsky M.D.