United Contract Amendment Process for Adequate Payments Abbot ID

PCA-1-21-01424.pdf (184.2 KB)

Hey Folks,
I wanted to share United (new ) policy on adequately paying for Abbot ID now. You ask for an amendment- and they will retro pay and pay going forward. see attached policy. Sharing some possible language.

I am requesting a one-page amendment of the existing contract with UHC for 100% of CMS rate amount for 87635QW so that our claims will be covered for our Abbot ID Now for COVID testing and requesting that past claims are processed retroactively. The current United payment is approximately $20 below our costs. Our groupXXXXX : National Provider ID# XXXXXX; Tax ID: XXXXX.

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How about getting paid for Rapid Covid Testing - CPT code 87426. We were using BD Veritor that was costing us $30 but were paid only $15-20?

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Thank you for this -we never received this flyer from UHC.

I was told by UHC that the 87426 CPT code is not part of this project so they weren’t willing to increase our reimbursement. I would love to hear if anyone else has had success with the BD Veritor COVID only (COVID + flu oddly part of this project).