With spring allergy season upon us and the circulation of several non-flu respiratory viruses, we are starting to see more patients with asthma flares for the first time since the pandemic started.

Has anybody started to do spirometry in the office again? I’ve gotten a few notes from allergy and pulmonology indicating that they have resumed using spirometry in their office.

If so, any particular workflow - not using that room again for several hours? First COVID testing anyone we do spirometry on? (I am anticipating using spirometry for children who are not acutely ill, but rather as part of routine asthma follow-up, etc…). I am in an area that still has some community spread of COVID, but it has markedly decreased over the past month (although we are waiting for the hopefully final surge to set in soon given how much restrictions have been loosened and given spring breaks etc…)

Same question would go for nebulizer treatments.

Welcome any thoughts.

We have continued to perform spirometry and albuterol nebs on acutely ill asthmatic patients (the few opportunities available). Staff continue to wear N95 and face shield/goggles. We are scheduling annual visits in July and August in anticipation of children returning to in-person learning.

For the sake of work-flows, we’re planning to use 1 room (has an operable window) with 15 min down time between patients. Our COVID counts are down as well (for now).