Preparing for Flu Season

As we gear up for flu season, our office is trying to determine how best to bring patients in. We are not testing for Covid from our office. If patients are reporting fever, cough and/or body aches, they receive a Telehealth visit to prevent exposure to patients and staff. Now we are trying to figure out how to tackle those patients that want to be flu tested but still keep everyone safe. Has anyone determine a method for flu testing this year to keep everyone safe?

We set up a chair outside our office to do strep and flu tests We examine patients outside as well We are lucky to have outdoor space to use

If they have no fever we see in office and take outside to do strep and flu test. We send them to local hospital for covid because it is quick

I am doing flu testing with the same precautions as I handle the COVID 19 testing. I consult patient via telemedicine and ask them to come through my drive thru for the flu and covid test

Are you doing any physical examination when they come in for the drive thru testing?

Only in same cases, when I cannot make the diagnosi