Webinar #19- Video & Collateral- Business Impact of COVID 19

Slide Deck: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0bblcizpocrqj9d/Webinar_19_Slides.pdf?dl=0

Here’s the info on Chip’s course on setting your fees:

How To Easily and Accurately Set Your Prices Using RBRVS - PMI Learning Portal (pediatricsupport.com)

I’m sharing the link to the lip dub that Dr. Schafer referenced last night during the webinar. We “surprised” PCC with this during a User Conference course we “taught” on “Mentoring across the Miles.” Not only did her office enjoy the camaraderie, offices across the US proved that even though we were socially “distanced” and unable to meet in person for the User Conference, we were able to be professionally and socially cohesive.